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Please join me for an
on-demand webinar.
Learn a new approach and a life-long tool for easing and healing depression using the transformational power of emotions.


Healing and Easing Depression: Using the Change Triangle® Tool and the Transformational Power of Core Emotions


(This On-Demand Webinar is for 3 hours and talks about healing from depression.

Access information, resources, and CEU information will be sent to you shortly after registration, and registrants will be given unlimited access to the recording for a full year.)


Session Description: Depression is a main reason people enter therapy. But what many people don’t realize is that symptoms of depression are a byproduct of underlying suppressed and repressed emotions that have been stuck in the body, the place where emotions live. We don’t get enough education in our formal schooling on how to use emotions as a catalyst for change and healing from depression.


Participants will learn the Change Triangle tool, a practical map for understanding how emotions work in the mind and body to help us connect us to our authentic self and others. Learn an effective holistic tool to decrease anxiety and depression and connect more deeply. Get a basic education in emotions and a new way to understand trauma and transformation. Learn a new way to conceptualize clients in couples and individual sessions. 


CE credits are available! 

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Coming soon...LIVE webinar in English, Spanish, and Italian.

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Habla espanol? Parliamo Italiano? Coming soon, a live webinar on emotions, the Change Triangle, and healing depression in Spanish, Italian, and English. CE Credits! 

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