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Some of My Favorite Human and Website Resources

To learn more about AEDP and to find an AEDP therapist near you:


The AEDP Institute:

The Center for Transformative Therapies:

AEDP Cascadia:

EDT Canada:



To find a trauma-informed therapist near you, I am sharing the links to various therapist directories from varied modalities. It's best to meet with two or more therapists to find the best fit. Trust your gut. You should feel safe with the person you choose:


AEDP Therapist Directory

Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapist Directory

EMDR Therapist Directory

Somatic Experiencing (SE) Therapist Directory 

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Therapist Directory 


Below are links to websites and blogs that I find interesting, enlightening or personally helpful:

To learn more about shame from shame researcher Brene Brown:


To learn more about navigating the challenges of emotional and sexual intimacy:


Linda Graham's Newsletter on Recovering Resilience:


The audio books of Pema Chodron have been an amazing resource for me and so many others. I listen to these during hard moments but you can listen any time. I recommend two in particular. Click on them for links:

Getting Unstuck and Unconditional Confidence


To learn more about navigating the challenges of masculinity:

Retreats and Intensives:

Ryzio: A Retreat for Growth and Change

If you are ready for a “deep dive,” you might consider Ryzio. This 9-week program begins with a 9-day immersive retreat in Arizona and continues with strong virtual support for 8 weeks. Ryzio incorporates the principles of The Change Triangle and the work of AEDP including neuroscience, mindfulness, attachment and trauma. Click here to learn more

For help working with parts of you that suffer shame:

Brett Lyons and Sheila Rubin Workshops

To find a trauma-informed child and family therapist near you, I am sharing the links to various resources with child-parent therapies or websites with a trauma-informed, attachment perspective:

It's Not Always Depression Book References:

Resources to prevent suicide:

Suicide Prevention Lifeline



Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors

Detaching with Love and openheartedness PDF:

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