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FREE12-Class Curriculum

Access a free, trauma-informed curriculum that teaches a new approach to emotions.

Provide lifelong tools that prevent, ease, and heal anxiety and depression.

Build calm, confidence, and peace of mind

Improve relationships and skills for authentic communication.

Great for trauma-informed social-emotional learning programs.


The Change Triangle® emotional health

tool is grounded in current affective neuroscience

Dear Educators, Trauma-informed Professionals, Medical Professionals, Mental Health Professionals, Coaches, Recovery Professionals, Counsellors, Therapists, Human Resource Professionals, and those who teach wellbeing:


Anxiety, depression, and other symptoms of blocked and buried emotions are at epidemic levels. Adults and children alike are suffering. Emotion education and trauma-informed thinking start us on a road to preventing, easing, and healing symptoms like anxiety and depression caused by adverse life experiences. Emotion education provides a crucial resource to heal the invisible and covert traumas that effect each and every one of us. There is much that can be done to improve our individual and collective mental health and wellbeing. And it begins with emotions education.


Please freely use and adapt this 12-Class Emotion Education Curriculum. The class provides a basic emotion education and practical experience of working the Change Triangle tool, the best and most practical method I’ve come across to work with emotions for wellbeing that anyone can learn. I use the Change Triangle tool daily in my personal and professional life. I cannot imagine life without this roadmap for dealing with life's many emotional challenges.


This curriculum can be used as-is or as a guideline where you can incorporate your own materials. You can make changes as needed for the varied populations that I hope will engage with this information.

This is Emotion Education 101, an introduction to working with emotions. Armed with the information taught in this course, we hopefully continue a lifelong practice of looking inward to make sense of our internal experiences. This course is intended to start each person’s individual journey to feel and be their best and most authentic Self, to foster self-esteem and personal capacities that build kindness and compassion, and that further individual and collective wellbeing.

I would be very happy to receive ideas or feedback and hear from others who are using this curriculum to teach emotions in schools and other group settings. We must keep on improving.


With love and hope for greater wellbeing for all.




Hilary Jacobs Hendel, LCSW


Special thanks to Heather Sanford. LCSW, MPA who first developed this curriculum and who generously has given permission to share it and have it adapted. She can be reached at

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Want to facilitate EE 101 classes at your practice, agency, or organization. Learn more here:

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Want to experience the class for yourself? Learn more here:

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Read or listen to the easy, accessible book that teaches how to understand and work with emotions using the Change Triangle tool. The book relays heartfelt stories, gentle exercises, and explains the science with simple, non-jargony language.

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