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We benefit greatly when we understanding emotions. It's necessary information to better meet the challenges of modern living. Why? Because we all have emotions!


Core emotions trigger automatically when something in the environment sets us off. So it's not IF we have emotions, as we all are born with the same 7 core emotions and 3 inhibitory emotions of anxiety, guilt, and shame. It is how we handle our emotions that matters more than anything and greatly affects our emotional health and wellbeing.


Understanding how emotions work in the mind and body helps prevent and ease anxiety and depression, and shows us a tried and true, science-based path of healing from our childhood wounds, which we all have to some degree. Emotions turbocharge neuroplasticity (a fancy word for brain change) allowing the brain to re-wire for the better.


This 2018 Best Book and Nautilus award winner, It's Not Always Depression, gives us the emotion education we need (and should have ideally received in high school!) With fascinating patient stories and dynamic exercises, you will learn to connect to healing emotions, ease anxiety and depression, and discover your authentic self.


"In It’s Not Always Depression, psychotherapist Hilary Jacobs Hendel presents readers with a unique and pragmatic tool she calls The Change Triangle.


"The Change Triangle is a map—a guide to carry you from a place of disconnection back to your true self.


"Working the Change Triangle is the step-by-step process at the heart of Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP), a therapeutic method that teaches patients to identify the defenses and inhibitory emotions (shame, anxiety, and guilt) that prevent them from being in touch with their core emotions (joy, anger, sadness, fear, and excitement).


In allowing ourselves to fully experience core emotions, we move toward an openhearted state where we are calm, curious, connected, compassionate, confident, courageous, and clear. Through moving, persuasive stories of working the Change Triangle with her own patients, Hendel teaches us how to apply these principles to our everyday lives."

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“It’s not Always Depression is the most innovative and well-grounded self-help title on depression and beyond I’ve read in years.


The Change Triangle may prove an efficient therapeutic tool for both patients and psychotherapists to combat psychological problems by reconnecting the self to its core emotions and basic physical reactions.


Moreover, Hilary Jacobs Hendel’s writing is lucid and accessible, which makes her method as clear and practical as you can get in self-help titles.”

- Mateusz Chaberski, Acquisitions Editor at Jagiellonian University Press

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