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The Drive-Thru Therapist

Web Series


The Drive-Thru Therapist

A NEW Web Series

Written & Directed by Mariah Marasco 

Using entertainment & comedy to educate and help stop the stigmas around talking about emotions and emotional health

The Drive-Thru Therapist is a fictional web series that explores the variety of individuals who seek therapy for their mental health, via the uncommon format of shorter sessions at a drive-thru window run by Dr. Sylvia Morris. It's meant to entertain, reduce stigmas, and normalize the human experience.

Following each of the six 5-7 minute episodes, viewers can access my commentary with links to cutting-edge resources for improving emotional health and wellbeing. Gain insight into how emotions and attachment needs play out in psychotherapy and life.

Click here to watch the trailer on Youtube and to subscribe to the Drive-Thru Therapist YouTube channel so you never miss an episode.


All episodes and commentary can be found on the Drive-Thru Therapist website here:

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