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The Change Triangle: A Podcast Experience

For those of you who like podcasts, I'm sharing this interview I did with Laura Reagan on her show, "Therapy Chat.”

In the interview we basically discuss three things:

  • AEDP: the type of emotion-centered psychotherapy that I practice most.

  • Emotions: why we feel what we feel, and why we feel better when we learn to live effectively with a rich emotional life.

  • And, especially, The Change Triangle: The Change Triangle is my passion. It’s a tool that helps people improve their mental health. I describe it as a personal and public mental health tool because everyone can benefit from it and everyone should know about it. As more people feel better as a result of knowing how to use The Change Triangle, it benefits not only them but everyone they are in relationship with. So it’s about both personal and public health.

In the podcast, I explain The Change Triangle in quite a bit of detail and give examples, stories really, of how it is used both in daily life as a self-help tool and in treatment with a psychotherapist. It is with great humility and gratitude to my interviewer Laura Reagan, that I share this podcast, Therapy Chat. Click here for the podcast.

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