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Why You Just Can't “Get Over It”

Mark Groves from Create the Love and the Mark Groves Podcast writes, “Every single human has surely suffered with feeling invalidated for their emotions."

Sadly, our early experiences with emotions involved us being told to "get over it" in one way or another.

Many of us have never really learned the true anatomy of our emotions. As I talked about with Mark, we can build our lives around avoiding the true feeling of our emotions.

Fully embracing emotions like anger and sadness means going against our conditioning, and some of these emotions seem downright scary. Could we end up lashing out in rage? Or could embracing our pain actually open the pathway toward calm, confidence and compassion?

In this podcast episode, I walk us through the model I use that allows people to experience — often for the first time in their lives — how to fully feel a feeling, and the freedom that this experience offers us.

To listen to this podcast, click here.

Here’s what we cover:

4 mins — Introduction 6 mins — Emotions are involuntary physical responses, we cannot just "get over them." 9 mins — What are positive emotions — expansive experiences, what does it feel like to allow them to arise? 14 mins — “It runs in the family” the narrative of inherited patterns. 18 mins — What is anxiety and how does it exist within the body? 22 mins — Understanding the change triangle and the impact of shame. 29 mins — Experiencing the full emotional wave, the emotional experience of anger. 39 mins — Moving though childhood trauma. 47 mins — How do we know if we have suppressed core emotions? 54 mins — I feel therefore I am. 1hr 3mins — Working through other peoples emotions. 1hr 18mins — Free resources from Hilary Jacobs Hendel.

I hope you'll take the time to listen to Why We Can't Just “Get Over It” if you are interested in emotional health and wellbeing. Click here.



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