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Hilary Jacobs Hendel About Me

Making Good Use of Anger
Please join me for this
LIVE Workshop


Gentle, Intimate Workshop with Hilary on Making Good Use of Anger


Listening to Anger in the Body and Applying it With Wisdom and Skill Using the Change Triangle® Tool for Emotional Health as a Guide

Monday, April 25, 2022, 7 to 9 PM

Cost: $89 USD



This live workshop is open to all people eighteen years and older. We will spend two hours together learning, practicing, and sharing.

Workshop information:

Anger just is. We all have it. It's not good or bad. It's how we use it that matters. Anger is a core emotion that nature gave us to protect us from harm and insult.


The difficulty with anger is that it contains powerful impulses that can be destructive when we let them out unchecked (acting out) or suppress them (acting in). When we thoughtlessly react in anger, we may hurt others or not be heard. When we suppress anger, anxiety and depression can result.


In this workshop, we will learn to listen to our anger and channel it for good. We don’t get enough education in our formal schooling on how to use emotions as a catalyst for positive change.

Using a combination of didactic teaching, real-time experiences, and discussion/Q &A, participants will come away with new tools to use anger for positive change.

Participants are welcomed without judgment. The stance of the group will be one of radical acceptance, compassion, and curiosity in all that is discussed and shared. 


Participants will:

  • Learn the Change Triangle tool, a practical map for understanding how emotions work in the mind and body to help build a deeper connection with our authentic self and to connect more deeply with others.

  • Learn an effective holistic science-based tool to decrease anxiety and depression.

  • Learn the difference between core anger and defensive anger.

  • Build a more positive relationship with anger.

  • Learn how to release anger through the body.

  • Learn to release anger through journaling.

  • Learn to use anger to set boundaries.

  • Learn words and phrases to set boundaries and be heard.

  • Learn to think through and control angry impulses when they defeat one's goals.

  • Learn techniques to calm and soothe the nervous system.



  • 1st 30 min: Introduction to working with emotions using the Change Triangle, a map and tool to understand and work with emotions for enhanced emotional health.

  • 2nd 30 min: Focus on anger as a core emotion and as a defense. Noticing how anger shows up in the mind and body.

  • 3rd 30 min: Getting underneath defensive anger.

  • 4th 30 min: Processing anger and thinking through how to use it wisely. The art and skills of setting limits and boundaries. Dealing with the "guilt versus resentment" bind.

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